Guidelines for Parents

At Learning Plus, our ultimate goal is to provide your child a safe, hygienic and caring environment, in which each child will feel loved, valued and wanted. Thus, we have developed the following policies regarding the day to day functioning of the school.

Parent Participation

We believe in Parent participation. We expect at least one parent to attend all the functions and events of the school to encourage and motivate your child. You are requested to make it a point to read all the circulars and letters sent by us as they may contain important information about your child and his activities.

Security of your child

At Learning Plus security is our utmost concern and hence we provide an ID card to parent and only those persons whose names and photos are on the ID cards will be allowed to pick up the child.


Please dress your child in Learning Plus School Uniform. We will inform you well in advance when kids need to come in casuals or fancy dress. When children need to come in casuals, it’s advisable to dress them in simple comfortable clothes which are suitable, according to the weather. Please avoid fancy clothes with too many zips and buckles are they may hamper the child’s activities. Always keep an extra set of clothes in your child’s bag which can be used in case of emergencies. (Do see that they are labelled)

Food and Water

Food need to be sent by the Parents as we believe that a Parent knows best about the likes and dislikes of their child. To encourage healthy food habits in kids, a short fruit break is given to them in morning for which parents should send seasonal fruits. In case of non-availability of fruits, parents can also send biscuits or other healthy snack but junk food should be avoided. For their lunch break, they should carry a complete nutritious meal. We aim at teaching them proper eating habits and table manners.

Although RO system is available in School to ensure clean drinking water for Students, still Parents are advised to send water in a child-friendly bottle. The Snackbox, Napkin as well as the Bottle should be labelled.